About Us

Greenbrae is located at Newton Farm in the Coquet Valley on the edge of the Northumberland National Park, just outside the small villages of Harbottle and Alwinton. It's a quiet place. The way we work reflects the landscape; unspoilt, free from excess and in no rush to change. The farm, run by George and Carolyn Graham takes a strong pride in its methods -methods that are wholly traditional & extensive and form the basis for our business.

Intensive farming practices aren't seen up the valley and we abide by that unwritten rule shared amongst the tightly knit community. Countryside Stewardship & Organic Entry Level Stewardship Schemes running on the farm are enhancing the diversity of wildlife.

The terrain, topography and geology of the landscape make arable farming a bit of a proverbial nightmare. Many of the farms rely heavily on their hill sheep flocks, cattle and pigs.

Thankfully at Newton we don't have the extreme slopes that those up the Valley have to contend with, meaning we can produce forage, cereals and beans without the use of pesticides & artificial fertilisers to feed our animals.

They are born and raised on this farm. We use husbandry that maintains high welfare standards with minimal use of medicines that allows the animals to roam about in a large abundance of free space where the air must be some of the freshest in Britain.

It's always busy here. While pictures of the "Good Life" may be conjured in one's head it isn't quite that cosy. There ares always animals to tend to, not to mention telephones orders for our meat. But we always have time to stop to watch the lapwing with her brood, admire the barn owl out hunting at twilight, listen to a woodpecker pecking at a tree, or watch wildflowers nodding in the breeze.

However, this is what keeps us focused. By being focused we'll never forget our values and always offer a high quality, traditional product.

Rare Breed Pigs

Our rare breed pigs

A Red Squirrel

A red squirrel in Northumberland